Advisory Board

Anne Ehrenreich

Is the Team Leader and heads the Foreign Service group responsible for Danish cooperation with several countries in East Africa and the Horn of Africa. She was the Danish Representation to the European Union and Commission in Brussels and to the Danish Mission to the United Nations in New York. She has dealt with a wide variety of Governance issues focusing in particular on European Union Affairs, relations with African countries and Danish Development Assistance, multilateral as well as bilateral cooperation.

Anne brings to the Charter's Advisory Board practical and first hand information from the EU, United Nations and Governmental area of expertise, including negotiations (in Danish, English, French and German) at national and international level, based on her extensive experience with government affairs and a strong understanding of intercultural knowledge.

Professor Caspar Rose

Is a Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Department of International Economics and Management and is affiliated with Center for Corporate Governance. His primary research areas are corporate governance and finance, corporate law and securities regulation, applied game theory and econometrics, and corporate economics. Caspar has previously worked as Chief Analyst for Danske Bank and The Confederation of Danish Industries. His whitepapers and research regularly appear in the European Journal of Law and Economics and International Review of Law and Economics

Caspar brings to the Charter's Advisory an exceptional response on Fraud, Bribery and Corruption confrontations and issues, due to his knowledge and experience of both legal and economic subject matters. This singular combination helps the members of the Charter to develop quick and sustainable reaction to their problems.

Frank Hailstones

is internationally recognized as a spokesperson on major Enterprise Risk Management topics. His experience in fighting fraud, embedding risk management and the focus on continuous monitoring/auditing are the fundamentals in his approach that he has converted in trade oriented IT programs. He has conducted over 350 successful risk management facilitations and has extensive experience on Consulting (Strategic and Operational) and Internal Audit. Frank was a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers where he led and ran the Government practice, Internal Audit, development of information technology & support for Business Risk Management practices.

Frank brings to the Charter's Advisory infinite experience on the entire range of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption issues based on his experience as a PwC partner and auditor in EMEA, with the primary focus on IT development.

Luka Lu

Is the AsiaLaw Leading Lawyer. She obtained her law degree from Peking University and advises multinationals and SMEs on developing an entry strategy to the emerging Asian markets; from setting up the right legal structure to the commercial, cultural and political realities of the markets in general and China in particular. Her help to foreign investments, JV's, subsidiaries, and holding companies ranges from banks and financial institutions, telecommunication, media, mining, medicare, beverage, aviation, power projects etc. Corruption and Fraud are often issues the members of Copenhagen Charter experience in relation to their investments in Asia.

Luka brings a broad range of 'oriental' experience to the Charter's Advisory Board, based on her cutting edge legal knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance including: banking and finance, company, government, tax, labor and JV legal issues.

Lady Olga Maitland

Is the CEO of Money Transfer International with wide experience in all major Fraud and Corruption problems throughout the world. She is a special adviser to a number of dignitaries and a widely sought after speaker at all Major Conferences on several Corporate Governance issues. Lady Olga is a former British MP for the Conservative party. Prior to her political career she was a reporter for the Fleet Street News Agency, a columnist in the London Sunday Express (1967-1991). In 1998 she became a contributor to the Daily Mail.

Lady Olga brings together a remarkable amount of first hand international knowledge on Fraud, Bribery and Corruptions issues to the Charter's Advisory and their respective tangible solutions, that are based on her experience and understanding of politics and political issues.

Mariano Davies

Is the President and CEO of British Chamber of Commerce, Oxford Institute and the MS Consulting Group. He has held board positions on a number of professional boards in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia for a good number of years. Mariano was a Partner and Director at KPMG, running the e-learning activities worldwide for a number of years. He has also been responsible for the management of various commercial organizations and companies that have owned all the e-learning intellectual property he has helped to develop.

Mariano brings together an anthology of International Corporate Governance best practices, issues and solutions, based on his vast senior management experience in corporate commercial activities and as an auditor to the Charter's Advisory Board. CSR and Whistleblower issues related to Fraud, Bribery and Corruption are his pet peeves.

Simon Scales

Is the Director of Global Security and Compliance for TNT, responsible for Global Fraud Investigations. He has 30+ years experience in both the private and public sectors. He has conducted fraud investigations on 5 continents related to Operational, Non-Operational -Security and -Compliance, eCrime, Intellectual Property Rights and Identity Theft encompassing legal and regulatory authority compliance and liaison. He has previously worked within Financial, Public Utility and Multinational Company environments, prior to serving as a Detective with the Metropolitan Police Service and New Scotland Yard. He has studied with the National Crime Faculty and is an advanced investigative interviewer.

Simon brings to the Charter's Advisory an in depth and hands on knowledge and experience on prudent Forensics, Detection and Recovery solutions to Fraud, Bribery and Corruption occurrences at the highest international level.

Guyton Odell

Is the Director of Compliance, Legal & Corporate Affairs for the Microsoft Corporation. He oversees the comprehensive compliance assurance and education program at Microsoft. He has built the program to enhance Microsoft's ability to comply with a wide range of legal and ethical obligations, including employment law, anti-discrimination statutes, privacy, civil rights, securities, foreign trade interactions, competition law and other Governance and Compliance areas. He was previously the Corporate Compliance Officer at the University of Pennsylvania where he developed, implemented and monitored an effective corporate compliance function, including coordinating and identifying initiatives to prevent, detect and respond to compliance issues.

Guyton brings a broad range of true multinational experience on all major Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance issues and solutions to the Charter's Advisory board.