The Certification

Copenhagen Charter Fraud and Corruption Certification is a system of controls, tests, procedures, protocols and guidelines, created to develop and promote International standards to combat Fraud and Corruption across the company's Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance responsibilities and activities.

Concerns over the entire package of Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) responsibilities, have been heightened by revelations of certain improprieties over the past years. This uncertainty has sent ripples to organisations and companies. Others have concentrated their efforts to implement better standards to combat Fraud and Corruption thru the Copenhagen Charter certification process.

Copenhagen Charter Fraud and Corruption Certification, covers several International Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance mandates including International Best Practices.

Copenhagen Charter Fraud and Corruption Certification relates to a complete and through review of the business processes and monitoring processes related to the company or organisation. The certification ensures sustainable security, quality, keeping proper records, tests, root cause analysis, defaults, business continuity, confidentiality, internal controls and regular review of processes for effectiveness.

The sum of the above efforts performed by our GRC qualified accountants & consultants, will allow you to safeguard stakeholders increase and adapt the GRC programs in a way that meaningfully addresses Fraud and Corruption issues.

The Board of Directors and Stakeholders want assurance that your company and organization has a well planned and implemented approach to the integration of Fraud and Corruption compliance that strengthens performance while protecting all assets. The four major Components of the Fraud and Corruption Certification are:
The initiative is to certify a company or an organization, its process and controls related to Corruption and Fraud Risk management, across the organization, risk/compliance functions and silos.
The Board of Directors of your company wants you to demonstrate that the company's GRC capability, in respect to anti Fraud and Corruption activities is appropriately designed to prevent, detect and correct misconduct and non-compliance.

Therefore let us start our cooperation by taking a deep dive into your company processes and review whether it qualifies. We will provide an external opinion and recognition of the sound practices and the actions are required so that your Fraud and Corruption processes are in Compliance.