Fraud investigations, asset tracing and recovery.

Understanding how Copenhagen Charter can help with International asset tracing and financial investigations. We work with a number of associated companies and international experts that can assist you to recover the assets under a conditional fee agreement, which means that your company will not have to pay our fees if no assets are recovered.

As fraud investigation and asset recovery professionals, we understand the challenges you face if you uncover frauds committed against your organisation such as procurement fraud, financial statement fraud and asset misappropriation fraud, including false invoicing, payroll fraud, skimming and employee theft etc.

As a result of uncovering these frauds, your organisation will need to decide whether to take action against the employees or third parties who have committed the frauds in order to recover the losses suffered as a result. This can be a difficult decision where there are concerns regarding publicity, speed of response and the ability to recover stolen funds.

We also understand that the costs of investigating and taking proceedings can be seen as prohibitive and organisations may prefer to write off the fraud for fear of escalating costs. Our fees are calculated on a percentage of assets recovered. This arrangement is based on a preliminary assessment of the situation i.e. whether there are assets to pursue and the difficulties of recovery.

We can also work closely with your organisation to help you to develop and embed an anti-fraud culture via our proactive fraud solutions. This offering includes fraud risk management, training and a fraud audit programme ensuring that 'lessons learnt' are not lost.

What are the potential issues faced in asset tracing and recovery?

From our extensive experience we expect the following types of issues will arise with bribery and corruption investigations and recovery :

Asset tracing and identification

Allegations often exist that funds have been concealed and passed through multiple jurisdictions to hide their source, or that efforts were made to avoid direct financial links. If true, it is likely that the recovery of such assets will be strongly contested by those with a vested interest. Individuals with established asset tracing skills in multiple jurisdictions are essential to this process. Repatriation of assets

Once assets have been identified as originating with or belonging to the victim, there will be many issues to be addressed in the repatriation of those funds including the enforcement of recovery orders obtained in jurisdictions where the wealth has been laundered.

Use of civil and criminal sanctions

Those who have been subject to fraudulent misconduct often misunderstand that both Civil and Criminal routes can be followed simultaneously without one prejudicing the other. Claims will need to be evaluated to ensure the most effective choices are made.

Contract review

Where allegations exist of bribery or corruption regarding contracts, particularly in emerging markets, or fragile democracies, it is essential to perform contract reviews to determine if the contracts were corruptly entered into. This will help unravel unjustly earned wealth obtained through fraudulent contracts or kickbacks.


In cases where funding is not available to meet some or all of the costs of the investigation or recovery actions we have either adopted a contingent approach to the assignment or introduced a third party funder who specialises in this area.

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